Standard Terms & Conditions

All materials remain the property of Master Flooring Solutions Pty Ltd (MFS) until paid for in full.
In the event of a non-payment, the client authorises MFS to repossess all materials including, if necessary, material already installed. Furthermore, any costs associated with the recouping of materials will be charged to the client.

Payment terms are strictly on receipt of invoice unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. On large stage projects MFS will seek progressive payments, also to be agreed upon prior to work commencement.
There are 2 warranty elements – workmanship & manufacturer’s warranties.

Installation (labour) warranty is 12 months, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

All manufacturer’s warranties are stated in their terms & conditions directed to you, our client. Warranties range from 5 to 20 years.


  • The Sub floor is to be clean & clear of other trades and compliant with Australian Standards AS 1884-2012. Extra costs will be incurred for works to make floor good for vinyl installation.
  • No allowances are made for furniture and furnishing to be removed and reinstated by MFS. (Extra cost may be incurred).
  • It is the client’s responsibility to ensure all fire systems are isolated for the full duration of MFS scope of works.
  • An allocated area is made available for our technicians to store / work / secure / park materials for the duration of the works/ project.
  • No allowances for moisture testing and will incur extra costs if need arises.
  • No allowance have been made for installation to be completed outside normal working hours, although negotiable or otherwise specified.
  • Allowance has been made for uplift of visible materials only, any additional sub layers will incur extra costs.
  • Allowance has been made for disposal of waste to onsite bins unless otherwise specified.
  • No allowance has been made to provide ramps to doorways unless otherwise specified.
  • 240V power outlets to be provided to work areas.
  • No allowance has been made for deep fill if required to make good unless specified.
  • In the event of any delay to the project, all materials will be invoiced in full 7 days after order. Full ownership will be transferred to you if such a situation arises.
  • Delays to projects or works causing additional hours or revisits to sites may incur additional costs.
  • Daily scope of works allowed per day at minimum 8 hours, up to 10 hours.
  • All projects and quotes are assuming the continuation of working days concurrently.
  • Breaking up works in smaller components will result in inflated cost for travel and any other associated costs.
  • All floor finishings, including underlays, are laid to industry standards.
  • Adjustment heights to doors are the responsibility of  the client – should it be required.
  • 1 year warranty for all workmanship is provided.
  • Gaps to spaces in skirtings and vertical surfaces once flooring has been installed are the responsibility of the client.
  • According to Australian Standards AS 1884-2012 floor surfaces are recommended not to have foot traffic for 12 hours and no heavy equipment for 72 hours.
  • No wet cleaning methods are be used within the first 48 hours after installation.
  • The customer is to pay for any GST or new Government Taxes with respect to the quote after the date of this agreement.
  • All efforts are made to match dye colours, and variations from samples to stock are possible.
    Every effort is made to minimise disruption. Where possible, each project will be completed within agreed timeframe.
  • It is agreed that both parties hereto terms and conditions herein constitute the entire agreement between the parties and the oral statements made prior to the agreement neither induced its execution or form part of it. This will not restrict the consumer rights under the Fair Trading Act & the Trade Practices Act.


  • MFS quotes are valid for 30 days from quoted date.
  • By accepting the quote either in writing or verbally, you, the client are deemed to have read, understood & agree to all above items.
  • MFS reserves the right to cancel any contract in part or in full at any time. MFS will invoice for all works carried out and completed at the time of cancellation.
  • Any deposit paid may be in part or in full excluding materials, freight and associated costs.

Further information on request:

  • MFS certificate of currency, insurances
  • Police checks
  • Work Method Statements (SWMS)
  • Australian Standards (AS 1884-2012)
  • Material data sheets, warranties & slip ratings